Steel City Con – April 2016

MONROEVILLE, Pa – Some people have family reunions, some people have class reunions and some people have cons.  At Steel City Con in Monroeville, PA a reunion is exactly what it is for the members of Ghost Base.  Once again our members enjoyed a fun-filled weekend with friends and put together one of the best booths they’ve had to date!

We had Jedi, clone troopers, droids, Resistance pilots, and even a Wookiee!  Hundreds of people came by to take pictures with us and every member worked hard to recruit more members to help our Base grow.  It was one of the best con events Ghost Base has had.  Every event we have more people joining us, either as hopeful new members or family of members. 


Photo credit: Ashlee Carrozza

Ashlee Carrozza, one of our newest recruits, attended Steel City Con this weekend as her first event for Ghost Base.

“I had a blast! Everyone was very welcoming towards me and loved posing for photos,” she said, “Running the booth went very smoothly and we seemed to get a lot of people interested in joining the Legion.” 

This experience made her even more excited to join and seeing the happiness in people’s faces when they saw our costumes gave her the push she needed to get started. 

The start of the con was Friday April 15 and a member of our sister organization, Garrison Carida of the 501st, said that it was one of the best turnouts for a Friday in years.  This is the day everyone got a feel of the con and just had fun walking around and looking at the different venders.  It was the start of all the awesome costumes to come during the weekend. 

Saturday at the con was the busiest I’ve ever seen.  It was sold out before people even arrived and caused a line that stretched around to the side of the building.  A lot of our Jawas helped entertain the crowd of people outside and were having a lot of fun with some signs made with sayings like “Tell that to Kanjiklub,” “Han shot first,” and “Have you seen these droids?” 

Photo credit: Ashlee Carrozza

Photo credit: Ashlee Carrozza

Sunday was the day of the Ghost Base group photo, and we had a special guest join us for that.  Anthony Daniels is the man behind the C-3PO mask, and he came and found us to ask to do a group photo with everyone, just name the time and place.  So once we all got set, he came out and did pictures with us in our costumes.  Seeing his excited reaction to our very own C-3PO was something none of us will ever forget!  All in all this was one of the best conventions Ghost Base has had in a long time.  This Steel City Con got our members excited for what is to come and wanting to do more for our group.

See here for a full mission report about the event: Mission Report Link

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