Skywalking For a Cure

MS3HOLLIDAYSBURG & JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — All over the country hundreds of thousands of people partake in
different walks to raise awareness for many different illnesses.  For two weekends in a row Ghost Base attended two Multiple Sclerosis Walks to entertain and support the teams participating.  We enjoyed the sunshine that both weekends brought us, and the people who go out of their way to do something for MS disease. 

We invited our sister organization, Garrison Carida of the 501st Legion, to join us and had some stormtroopers and pilots along side us!  At the Hollidaysburg MS Walk there were nearly one thousand people, all there for one purpose.  We walked around before they set off, meeting hundreds of people and furry-friends alike!  Our Jawa’s had a lot of fun getting to know those funny looking creatures, even if they walked on four legs.  We danced to the music, rode scooters into trees and tried our best at a game of soccer. 

MS5The next weekend at the Johnstown MS Walk we had the same outcome of fans and dogs.  People of all ages were excited to see their favorite Star Wars characters, even if they tried running through the rope before it was time.  Hundreds of pictures were taken and our fellow stormtroopers got to hold the ceremonial rope for the teams to walk through! 

Troops like this are shorter but are what our base does best.  Supporting those affected by the MS disease and the people helping brought all who attended joy and was something a few of us haven’t done before.  We are hoping to do more like this and get our name out there!

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